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Bands We’ve Worked With

Abigail, All Pigs Must Die, All The Saints, Alcest,  Ampline,  Anhedonist, Animal City, Atriarch, Austin Lucas, Bad Sports, Bambara, Barreracudas, Batillus, Behold….The Arctopus, Benard, Bezoar, Biters, Brain Flannel, Bridge and Tunnel, Broken Water, Bukkake Boys, Cacaw, Canadian Rifle, Cerebral Ballzy, Cheap Girls, Cinemechanica, Coathangers, Cobra Skulls, Coke Dares, Coliseum, Cory Branan, Cough, Crazy Spirit, Cruciamentum, Daikaiju, Dead Confederate, Dead In The Dirt, Dead To Me, Dear Landlord, Deafheaven, Diarrhea Planet, Double Negative, Dysrhythmia, Fat Tony, Fight Amp, Fox Hunt,  Fungi Girls, Futurebirds, Gentleman Jesse And His Men,  Gestapo Khazi, GG King, A Giant Dog, Ghostlimb, Golden Boys, Goodnight Loving, Grabass Charlestons, Grids, Guardian Alien, Hank Wood And The Hammerheads, Hawks, Heavy Cream, Home Blitz, Hotchacha, Hot Graves, Hull, Jailll, Jeff the Brotherhood, John Wesley Coleman, Jon Snodrgrass, Jucifer, Juiceboxx, King Louie’s Missing Monuments, Kintaro, Kromosom, Lantern, Last Years Men, Lazer/Wulf, Liquid Limbs, Literature, Liverhearts, Lords, Madeline, Manray, Mauser, Merchandise, Mind Spiders, Monstro, Narrows, Natural Child, Netherfriends, Nomad, Nothington, O’Pioneers, OBN III’s, Off With Their Heads, Order Of The Owl, Pilgrim, Pop.1280, Pretty Boy Thorson, Pujol, Rapturous Grief, Rayon Beach, Razormaze, Reignwolf, Rizzudo, Roomrunner, Rotten Sound, Salome, Samothrace, Satan’s Satyrs, Soft Opening, Solillaquists of Sound, So Pastel, Speedwolf, Spirits and The Melchizedek Children, Stallone, State Champion, The Fake Boys, The Future Now, The Men, The NEC, The Slow Death, The Sunglasses, The Takers, Thank God,  Thee Makeout Party, Thomas Function,  Today the Moon Tomorrow the Sun, Tragedy, Tubers, Turf War, Uberchriist, Valient Thorr, Vektor, Vincas, VRGNS, Wax Museums, Whatever Brains, Whores, White Problems, Whitehorse, Windhand, Wizard Smoke,  Wolves In The Throne Room, Worn In Red, Woven Bones, WYMYNS PRYSYN, XO, Young Livers, Yukon, Zs

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